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Wedding trends for 2019

As we start another year, the media are keen to announce their predicted wedding trends for the coming year.


Whilst we are always eager to ensure that our vintage wedding car rental business stays busy and is memorable for the right reasons, we think it’s worth remembering that trends are only predictions. And we know and completely understand that the key to wedding day success is to embrace individuality and choose what feels right, not what someone tells you is the best and most fashionable thing to do!Brides

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However, because I’ve raised the subject of wedding trends, I wanted to share with you a few that were of interest to me. I’ll let you make your mind up about whether there is any truth in them happening at your upcoming nuptials?


Food for thought


These first 10 trends come from Brides Magazine and may provide some food for thought when coming up with alternative options to make your day that extra bit special:


A return to simple and classic wedding dresses
Bringing the outdoors in, when it comes to flowers and foliage being more organic and lush, this includes a rise in the use of grasses
Opulent wedding cakes
Three piece suits for grooms
Eco-conscious and ethical weddings
A rise in the use of scented candles and colourful confetti
Illustrated invitations
Banquet tables with low florals
The rise of bridesmen and groomsgirls
Grazing tables instead of waiters serving canapes


Whilst Harper’s Bazaar, keen not to miss out on the opportunity to share their expertise, say 2019 will herald the year of the “rule-breaking bride", with brides choosing to ditch traditional dresses in favour of more creative alternatives including a combination of tops, skirts and trousers.

Innovative or just plain crazy?


But it’s Grazia Daily who have captured my attention with the following three innovative trends:


The rise in dessert rooms, as couples, realise that the cake cutting moment is a bit of a non-event and want to focus instead on offering a number of dessert options for their guests.


As couples look for new, unusual and more memorable ways to entertain their guests, Tarot card readers could appear in the cloakrooms or you could see character coat check staff.


Floral ice cubes are proving the new ice sculpture as a simpler way to jazz up drinks.


Whatever you think about the danger of wedding predictions and the ever-increasing wealth of choice, you only need to remember one thing. It’s your day, so feel free to bend any traditions or break with wedding etiquette so that you can enjoy a truly special, individual and memorable event that beautifully sums up your relationship, taste, culture and of course your sense of fun!

What makes a great wedding car chauffeur?

Riding around in the wedding car of your dreams is only part of the plan for your big day. Of equal importance is having a professional and helpful personal chauffeur who will go the extra mile to ensure you make a grand entrance, feel like royalty and that your wedding day is truly memorable.


Not all chauffeurs are the same. Whilst it’s obviously their job to get you to your wedding in style and comfort, some chauffeurs also provide additional services to complete your magical experience. So when you are booking your wedding car, it’s worth finding out what you will get for your investment and then asking what else you can expect too.


As well as your wedding car looking clean and immaculate, at the very least your wedding car chauffeur should be:



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  • Punctual and reliable
  • Well-groomed/dressed appropriately
  • A safe driver

However, we suggest that it’s beneficial for you to have a chat with your wedding car company to ensure that your chauffeur is also:


  • Passionate about what they do
  • Trustworthy and discreet
  • Patient, polite and with excellent manners
  • Approachable and a good communicator
  • Trained to react promptly and without panic to any schedule changes
  • Able to understand the importance of when to speak and when to stay quiet
  • Prepared for anything and everything from opening doors and umbrellas to first aid and sewing
  • Knowledgeable about the local geography and up to the minute traffic reports, so you don’t face any delays
  • Responsible for your comfort, adjusting music, air conditioning, windows or seatbelts when necessary
  • Keen to deliver a level of service that surpasses your expectations

At Vintage Rolls Royce Wedding Car Hire, we are experienced and professional. We remain cool, calm, collected and confident in any given situation. Used to keeping our head, we are skilled at helping to ease any tension that brides may be feeling, meaning you remain relaxed and worry-free, able to enjoy the occasion to its fullest.


And by taking the time to understand from the outset what you want your day to be, we are good at anticipating your needs and planning accordingly. We are often thanked for our ability to go above and beyond, delivering a truly wondrous experience that you will remember for years to come.

Choosing your wedding transport – what you need to know!

When it comes to planning your wedding, there is no such thing as booking too early when you know what you want. And your wedding transport is no different. With a plethora of options to choose from, not least type, style, colour, size, theme and of course number, it can be confusing to know where to start.

Wedding Car



To help make things easier for you, check out our top tips for what to look out for and what to do before you book your wedding transport.

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Do your homework. Research what is available either online or by visiting local wedding fairs. Remember to look at costs, payment terms, timings, pick up arrangements, routes, what’s included and what you may need to provide.

Ask family friends and colleagues for a recommendation, referral or review. This way you can be more certain of getting a reputable, flexible, personable and reliable company who will go the extra mile and won’t let you down on your big day.

See before you book. Make sure you view the car(s) in person, rather than just going from a picture and don’t forget to check that you and your wedding dress can fit in it easily and of course that it’s comfortable too.

Choose your colour carefully. You might want to opt for a neutral coloured car to complement your colour scheme or perhaps you would prefer a splash of colour. Whatever your preference make sure that your transport fits in with your overall style and theme to avoid clashes or picture disappointment.

Book in advance. Remember that wedding transport companies get booked up quickly during popular wedding months, so to guarantee the car(s) of your dreams, if they can do your date, put a deposit down so that you can have complete peace of mind.

Finally, with all the excitement of booking your own wedding car, it can be easy to forget about others! You may need to think about how your husband to be and groomsmen, as well as your mum and bridesmaids, are going to get to the venue. So don’t forget to think carefully about how many cars you’ll need.


Experienced and professional


At Vintage Rolls Royce Wedding Car Hire, we are experienced and professional. We have a passion for our vintage Rolls Royce, so it will always look amazing and be able to complement and enhance your wedding day.  And because we take the time to understand from the outset what you want your day to be, you can be focused and relaxed, safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your special day.


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